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Return merchandise authorization (RMA) Magento extension is a module which allows you to create, edit, delete, print, view and process RMAs, made from frontend or backend. It is intuitive to use both for customer and for RMA service administration.

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Return merchandise authorization (RMA) Magento extension is a module which allows you to create, edit, delete, print, view and process RMAs, made from frontend or backend.It is intuitive to use both for customer and for RMA service administration.

Customers create RMAs from frontend by choosing an order (complete) and selecting quantity for every item plus different attributes which can be customized from backend – Item Condition, Reason for RMA, Request Type and Comment Textarea. From backend you can process the RMA by changing status, edit address, edit quantities and attributes and choose an action for individual items – Destroy, Return in stock, etc.

You can use custom statuses which are configured from System->RMA Statuses. The module is completely customizable and is created to suit every purpose – return, refund, exchange products etc.


  • Easy RMA creation/view from frontend Having logged in the customer can navigate to the tab My RMAs and to select and order to create a RMA, or view, cancel or print an existing one. 
  • Detailed RMA information Customer can trace existing RMAs and has an access to very detailed information. 
  • Unlimited set of Item Condition attribute, Reason attribute and Request Type attribute From backend you can add as much values as you want – or if none is added the attribute is disabled from frontend.  
  • Enable/Disable Comment attribute
  • RMA period You can specify a certain period in which completed orders can be used to create RMA. 
  • Email notifications Email notifications are possible when a RMA is created or a status is changed. Emails can be send to the customer and/or to the RMA responsible department. You can choose email templates and senders for different cases and a specific information can be added for every single status. 
  • Full control over the RMA process From backend you can create RMA or edit existing ones – you can fully edit customer address, add history comment, notify by email, change status, change quantities, change action and attributes for every individual product etc. 
  • Custom statuses The module comes with 5 statuses – Pending, Approved, Canceled, Canceled By Customer and Complete. You can change their names and even add new ones, add specific messages for history comment, customer email notification or RMA responsible email notification. 
  • Full Configuration From backend configuration you can change almost every aspect of the module – PDF information, Merchant address, Shipping method, RMA period, Shipping information and even RMA responsible name and many more. 
  • Individual RMA Tab RMAs can be viewed in backend from Sales->RMAs, where you have a grid with detailed information about every RMA including order number and order creation date, which makes tracing RMAs very easy. 
  • Actions for products For every product you have 3 options when editing a RMA – No Action, Dispose and Return to Stock. 
  • History comment History comment lets you communicate with customer without using emails and you can make a comment visible in frontend to not, notify customer by email etc. 
  • Not refundable twice Once an order is used to make a RMA it can’t be used again no matter of the status. This protects you from spamming RMAs and cheeky customers.
  • Deleting RMA From backend you can delete RMA, which makes the order available for RMA again, both from frontend and backend. 
  • Editing RMAs From backend you can edit existing RMAs – edit address, leave comments, notify customer by email. Items can be edited too – all of the field that have been specified in configuration plus you can select a suitable action for every item. 
  • Print RMA Customers can print RMA by clicking on the right link above on the RMA view page. The PDF generated contains information about the RMA #, Order #, Shipping addresses – both customer's and merchant's, Shipping method, Shipping information, specified in configuration and an additional information – PDF Information which is also specified in backend. 
  • Easy customization Current theme (skin/css) is based on the default Magento template for easy customization.

RMA is a Magento extension developed by Mageconsult (service of Open Biz Ltd.)

Compatible with: Magento CE 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9


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